business improvement workshop


Practical courses developed to deliver cost savings, efficiency and improved performance

Course Details

A Practical Workshop which aims to provide you with the BI tools and techniques necessary to Improve your business processes, Maximise your resources and Reduce your waste


Why attend

  • Business improvement (BI) techniques such as Process Mapping, Six Sigma and Lean are the “hot buttons” for decision makers today, as such principles seek to assist organisations to approach their business processes differently .
  • An organisation that focuses on BI principles is able to produce more with existing resources and eliminate activities that are non-value added.


Benefits delivered

  • Improve Your Business Processes – the workshop will teach you how to understand and map the processes within your business, presenting a structured method to improving performance
  • Maximise Your Resources – you will develop an understanding of how you can get the most out of your existing resources through problem solving within a proven framework
  • Cut Waste – you will look at areas within your processes where you can eliminate or reduce waste such as work in process (WIP) costs, inventory and other value and non value adding activities.


Who should attend

Managers at all levels of an organisation who want a basic knowledge of the principles and how they can be applied within their industry, in order to improve the performance of processes and the business. Examples include ICT, contact centres, manufacturing and engineering, and the public sector.


A certificate will be issued on completion of the course.


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