ISO 50001

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ISO 50001 will give your organisation a well-known framework for developing an efficient energy management system.

What is ISO 50001?

An energy management system (EnMS) helps any organisation – small or large - manage their energy use more efficiently, meaning improved productivity. It involves developing and implementing an energy policy, setting achievable targets for energy use, and designing action plans to reach them and measure progress which may include implementing new energy-efficient technologies, reducing energy waste, or improving current processes to cut energy costs.

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Why should it be considered?

ISO 50001 will give your organisation a well-known framework for developing an efficient energy management system and provides a set of requirements which will enable your organisation to:

  • Develop an energy efficiency policy
  • Set targets and objectives which will meet the policy
  • Collect data to understand and make informed decisions about your organisation’s energy use
  • Measure the results obtained
  • Continually improve energy management

ISO 50001 is designed to help organisations to improve their energy performance through making better use of its energy assets. Improved energy efficiency can provide rapid benefit to your organisation by maximising use of energy resources as well as energy related assets which results in reduced costs, consumption and reduce environmental impact and enhance reputation.

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What impact will it have?

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Ensures legal compliance:

Implementing ISO 50001 gives your organisation a greater level of compliance to energy legislation as the standard requires you to conform with applicable legislation. This will reduce risk of incurring energy-related fines and prosecutions and lower insurance premiums – improving reputation and ensuring stakeholders’ trust.

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Reduced energy usage:

An energy management system will help your organisation to identify how much energy is being used, where it is used and what energy is being wasted, ISO 50001 has the requirement that effective controls to manage energy usages need to be implemented and areas continual improvement will be easily identified meaning reduced waste and increased efficiency, cost savings due to improved energy management and more ethical and cost-effective procurement procedures.

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Improved reputation and image:

A certified energy management system will result in reduced energy consumption and improved carbon footprint, meaning your environmental impact is minimised, resulting in more environmentally friendly processes. This shows proof to suppliers, customers, and stakeholders that your organisation is actively improving efficiency which will reflect well on the organisation resulting in an improved reputation and image compared to competitors who may not have the energy management system in place.

How can Quadra help?

With over three decades of experience, Quadra have developed a tried and tested approach to implementing ISO systems, which has been applied with a wide range of clients in many countries.

When implementing ISO 50001, the process is simple.

Gap Analysis: Quadra will measure your organisations current systems and controls against the ISO 50001 requirements.

Action Plan: Planning will then take place for the key steps and milestones in the ISO 50001 implementation and certification process.

System Development: Key pieces of content will then be developed for the system e.g., business processes, risk management frameworks and controls, policy and objectives, policies and procedures.

Implementation Support: Quadra will provide your organisation with support to help build evidence of compliance with ISO 50001.

Preparation for External Audit: We can also assist with preparation for external audit by conducting internal audits and management reviews. As well as attending the certification audit.

We Can Help to Add Value to Your Organisation

Our simple no-nonsense approach is focused on delivering value and adding benefit.

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Highly Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are both highly skilled and experienced in their field.

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Proven Track Record

Quadra has a proven track developed over 30 years in both national and international markets.

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Making ISO Work For You

Our approach ensures that you don't have to reinvent your organisation.

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Customer Retention

Our clients are our most important assets and our aim is to become your trusted partner of choice.

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International Experience

We have developed a strong reputation in all industry sectors and with a varied client base. From small, local, indigenous companies to large multinationals.

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Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

Our aim is to provide our clients with a solution which addresses their need. Our aim will always be to deliver a solution that works.


Years' Experience

We have over 30 years’ experience assisting businesses in the provisions of ISO Standards, Compliance and Training.


Client Satisfaction

Ensuring our customers are satisfied is our number one commitment.


Projects Completed

With over 3000 projects completed to date on a local, national and international basis we have developed an approach which is focused on delivering a solution which will add value.

Need ISO Training?

Quadra can offer both awareness and internal auditor training for the ISO 50001 standard. This training is available through in-house and online training throughout Northern Ireland and Ireland. For more information, contact us.

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

IMS Internal Auditor – Northern Ireland

9:00 am - 5:00 pm

ISO 9001 Internal Auditor – Northern Ireland

Experienced Consultants

With over 30 years’ experience and having assisted over 3000 organisations to achieve ISO certification, there is no provider better placed to assist your organisation on its journey to implement ISO 50001.

Our tried and tested approach will enable your organisation to achieve certification to the energy management standard in a realistic timescale with minimal disruption and cost while adding maximum value.

If you feel implementing an energy management system to your organisation will bring benefit to your business, contact us.