Braid Mechanical & Electrical Achieve ISO 9001

Braid Mechanical & Electrical Achieve ISO 9001

Braid Mechanical and Electrical Limited, established in 1926 with the original name of ‘Nicholl Brothers (Electrical).’ In 1989 the company then changed the name to Braid, to distinguish themselves from their parent company and in 2021, transitioned from offering only electrical services but also now offering mechanical services. Braid’s core team consists of Site Supervisors, Electricians, Plumbers, Apprentices and Assistants. This gives the company a stable, experienced, professional workforce trained to deliver high standard services using the latest technologies and techniques.

Why did Braid chose ISO 9001?

Quadra were commissioned by Braid Mechanical and Electrical Limited to analyse their current business processes and measure them against the requirements of ISO 9001, the international standard for Quality Management, with the overall objective of achieving ISO 9001 certification.

ISO 9001 is a model which would allow Braid to improve controls and manage their core processes, allowing these to be standardised and enabling the organisation to monitor and check their efficiency as well as identify when they are not properly applied.

Implementation requires business processes to be examined, identify best practice, standardise processes and apply them consistently which allows for a solid platform for any organisations attempting growth and set the pathway for continuous improvement internally.

How did Quadra support Braid with the implementation?

Based on Quadra’s 30-year heritage in supporting companies to develop quality management systems, we were selected to assist and collaborate with Braid’s leadership to achieve the implementation of the quality management system inline with the ISO 9001 standard.

Quadra met with the staff from the business operations within the company to understand the operations, gather information and assess the existing quality processes against the requirements of ISO 9001. The output of the review resulted in an action plan to provide a roadmap to achieve certification.

Quadra then developed process maps to satisfy to requirements of ISO 9001 and to reflect the operational requirements of the business and met with staff to raise awareness of the system requirements and assist in embedding ISO 9001 throughout Braid. After receiving guidance on an implementation period, Quadra carried out a full internal audit of the system across the organisation to assess and ensure Braid were ready for certification. Quadra facilitated a management review in assessing the system prior to external audit.

Following both stages of external audit, Braid Mechanical and Electrical Limited were recommended for ISO 9001 certification. The achievement was of massive importance to all involved in standardising the quality management process throughout the organisation, at an internationally recognised level.

What did the client say?

“Kira Halliday from Quadra Consulting assisted us in attaining ISO 9001 accreditation in March 2022. We as a company were all new to this and she was patient, knowledgeable and clear with her message. With her at the helm we eased through accreditation seamlessly and are better prepared for taking control of the renewal process going forward.” 

Camillus Fitzpatrick FCPA, Financial Controller, Braid.

Need more information?

For further information about the implementation of ISO 9001, contact us.

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