Technical Services

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Technical Services

Technical Services

Understanding the pollution being produced by your organisation is essential, find out how Quadra can assist your business.

Technical Services

Enforcement bodies have developed more a focus on the effective management of workplace factors such as noise, dust/particulate and vibration monitoring from an environmental and health and safety viewpoint. Quadra can provide monitoring services such as noise monitoring, vibration monitoring, particulate monitoring such as dust and welding fume and also chemical monitoring which by law, you must assess and identify measures to eliminate or reduce risks from exposure. Having a detailed record and reports carried out regularly can prevent and help resolve any disputes that may arise.

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Why should it be considered?

Local authorities regulate the level of nuisance generated by a business with attention paid to factors including air quality, vibration and noise pollution affecting people and structures through conducting risk assessments. There are often strict specifications dictating the maximum exposure levels that a site can produce by law, staying within these limits is extremely important but can present difficulties for your organisation.

There are many effective methods to mitigate noise and dust pollution, but it is essential to understand the pollution being produced and the limits are not being exceeded and populations are not being impact.

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What impact will it have?

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Protect from legal action

By monitoring noise, dust and vibration, it shows your organisation is prioritising the health, safety and well-being of the neighbouring environments. It shows you show due diligence which will help to protect from legal action.

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Protects employees

Noise, dust and vibration helps to identify work locations where there are the most problems, employees who may be exposed to excessive noise levels which can cause hearing loss and helps to find where additional noise measurements may need to be made and the appropriate controls which need to be put in place.

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Understand risk

Monitoring noise, dust and vibration can help gather data which will help organisations to make informed decisions – without monitoring the level of risk and potential exposure is unknown.

How can Quadra help?

Our experienced Occupational Hygienists can help to assess and manage the risk associated with factors such as noise, dust/particulate and vibration.

Our tried and tested approach will be tailored specifically to your organisation to meet their technical goals in a realistic timescale, with minimal disruption and cost while adding maximum value.

Technical services include:

  • Noise monitoring
  • Dust monitoring
  • Welding Fume monitoring
  • Vibration monitoring
  • Environment monitoring
  • Chemical monitoring

We Can Help to Add Value to Your Organisation

Our simple no-nonsense approach is focused on delivering value and adding benefit.

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Highly Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are both highly skilled and experienced in their field.

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Proven Track Record

Quadra has a proven track developed over 30 years in both national and international markets.

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Making ISO Work For You

Our approach ensures that you don't have to reinvent your organisation.

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Customer Retention

Our clients are our most important assets and our aim is to become your trusted partner of choice.

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International Experience

We have developed a strong reputation in all industry sectors and with a varied client base. From small, local, indigenous companies to large multinationals.

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Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

Our aim is to provide our clients with a solution which addresses their need. Our aim will always be to deliver a solution that works.


Years' Experience

We have over 30 years’ experience assisting businesses in the provisions of ISO Standards, Compliance and Training.


Client Satisfaction

Ensuring our customers are satisfied is our number one commitment.


Projects Completed

With over 3000 projects completed to date on a local, national and international basis we have developed an approach which is focused on delivering a solution which will add value.

Need Compliance Training?

Our training courses help to develop knowledge to maintain and improve your technical management and commitments. These can be developed as bespoke courses and delivered to your business or additionally, we offer a range of public courses which you will find on our training calendar.

Experienced Consultants

Quadra can assist your business with their health and safety compliance management through a number of different services. We have assisted many businesses from small independent traders to multi-national private businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK and ROI.

Our tried and tested approach will be tailored specifically to your organisation to meet their technical compliance goals in a realistic timescale with minimal disruption while adding maximum value

If your your organisation needs assistance with technical monitoring as mentioned above, contact us.