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Governance and Risk Management


Change this to ESG helps your business to understand and manage its environmental, social and governance obligations.

What is ESG?

ESG which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance, and is generally used to characterise the sustainable, responsible and ethical traits of a company. Firmly established ESG criteria demonstrates your organisations commitment to being sustainable and ethical and also to demonstrate that your organisation applies strong corporate governance controls.

The need for structured strong EGS controls is generally driven by two factors. Tender selection criteria - which specify a requirement to prove that ESG is taken seriously, and that the potential supplier can readily demonstrate its ESG credentials and Investment criteria – which are often a condition for investors/funds to invest in certain organisations. Every organisation will approach ESG commitments, compliance and how they track these obligations differently depending on prioritises, size and overall business objectives.


The environmental criteria will focus on how an organisation performs as a steward of nature. Focusing on topics such as:


The social criteria will examine how an organisation manages relationships with:


Governance relates to internal processes and leadership, including the effectiveness of controls in areas such as:

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Why should it be considered?

Recent events have shown that the only thing which is certain is ‘uncertainty’. This has created a need for organisations to focus on the extent to which their supply chain effectively manages ESG obligations. In addition, it has created an environment in which many investors and policymakers realise a greater need to accelerate investments and progress on businesses which prioritise ESG. EGS provides your business the ability to become resilient in the current and possible future crisis.  

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What impact will it have?

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Encourages growth:

Having a strong ESG approach can make it easier for your business to enter new markets and expand their operations in existing markets as well as allowing your organisation to use more sustainable methods of production to allow for more efficient production and reduced costs.

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Attracts potential employees and engages current employees:

Potential employees are now more focused on working for a company which shares similar values, and they want their prospective employer to care about their ESG responsibilities. If your company includes sustainability in their business strategy treat employees like stakeholders, fostering a culture of employee loyalty as they feel their values are being met and their serving a purpose.

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Doing the right thing:

We all know that we must do what we can to minimise our impact on the environment in both our personal and business life. Development of appropriate ESG controls will help us to protect the future of the planet and the generations which will come after us.

How can Quadra help?

Quadra can assist your business with their ESG compliance through a number of different services.

 We have assisted many businesses from small independent traders to multi-national private businesses and public sector organisations through the UK and ROI.

Our tried and tested approach will be tailored specifically to your organisation to meet their ESG compliance goals within a realistic timescale with minimal disruption while adding maximum value.

Quadra have developed a unique approach through our EGS maturity assessment model. This will be used to assess your current ESG controls against best practice requirements and to develop a road map and action plan to clearly detail the actions required to develop ESG best

We Can Help to Add Value to Your Organisation

Our simple no-nonsense approach is focused on delivering value and adding benefit.

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Highly Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are both highly skilled and experienced in their field.

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Proven Track Record

Quadra has a proven track developed over 30 years in both national and international markets.

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Making ISO Work For You

Our approach ensures that you don't have to reinvent your organisation.

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Customer Retention

Our clients are our most important assets and our aim is to become your trusted partner of choice..

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International Experience

We have developed a strong reputation in all industry sectors and with a varied client base. From small, local, indigenous companies to large multinationals.

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Big Enough to Cope, Small Enough to Care

Our aim is to provide our clients with a solution which addresses their need. Our aim will always be to deliver a solution that works.


Years' Experience

We have over 30 years’ experience assisting businesses in the provisions of ISO Standards, Compliance and Training.


Client Satisfaction

Ensuring our customers are satisfied is our number one commitment.


Projects Completed

With over 3000 projects completed to date on a local, national and international basis we have developed an approach which is focused on delivering a solution which will add value.

Need ESG Training?

Our bespoke training courses can be used to educate and inform your staff in relation to ESG practices and how these can be best applied within your organisation. This course will be held in-house for more information, contact us.

Experienced Consultants

Our experienced consultants can assist your business with their ESG compliance through a number of different services. We have assisted many businesses from small independent traders to multi-national private businesses and public sector organisations throughout the UK and ROI.

Our tried and tested approach will enable your organisation to achieve their ESG compliance goals. in a realistic timescale with minimal disruption and cost while adding maximum value.

If your organisation is trying to become ESG compliant and would benefit from support, contact us and we can assist you.