Why ISO 9001 is important

Why ISO 9001 is important

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Being certified to ISO 9001 standard is internationally recognised and a symbol of prestige and quality assurance.


Benefits of an ISO 9001 certification

There is a wide range of benefits that make ISO 9001 certification.


How ISO 9001 certification benefits your business:

• Increased profit potential and market share.
• Time saved from more efficient resource management.
• Recurring problems and anomalies reduced or eliminated.
• Brand image and credibility improved.
• Manual work is reduced with process integration and process automation.
• Organisational efficiency and effectiveness is improved by using data and evidence to inform decision making.

The ISO 9001 approach looks at both the individual processes as well as how all of those processes interact with one another. By examining the relationship between all of your business processes in the context of a QMS, you can locate areas ripe for improvement and optimisation.

Utilising data and evidence to inform your decision making is necessary if you want to achieve your business goals. Collecting adequate reports and sufficiently documenting your processes is also necessary, so you have data to work with in the first place. Quality management systems are good at this and provide a framework for the documentation of all processes within your business.

How ISO 9001 certification benefits your customers:

• Provides assurance that you are a reliable, high-quality vendor.
• Customer satisfaction is a prime focus of ISO 9001.
• Customer feedback can be quickly and efficiently acted upon.
• Pre-emptive planning means issues are addressed before they have a chance to cause problems for your customers.

One of the most important factors driving the implementation of quality management systems is the focus on improving customer satisfaction by identifying their needs and goals. Improved customer satisfaction then leads to ongoing business.

When it’s clear to a customer that you have achieved the high standards of quality required by an ISO 9001 certification, they will more readily place their trust in you.


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