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The world’s most recognised Quality Standard – ISO9001

The world’s most recognised Quality Standard – ISO9001

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ISO 9001, ISO Standard

Discover the world’s most recognised Quality Management System Standard – ISO 9001. Learn about ISO 9001 certification, its meaning, and how to attain it. Explore ISO auditor training and see the answers to some common questions about the ISO journey.  All this and more in Quadra Consulting’s expert guide.


Welcome to the comprehensive guide on ISO 9001, the globally acclaimed Quality Management System Standard. In this article, we will delve into the key aspects of ISO 9001, including certification, its significance, and ISO auditor training. Quadra Consulting, with over 30 years of experience, is your trusted partner on this journey. Our team is committed to aiding clients in achieving and maintaining ISO standards certification, from local small businesses to international giants, spanning various countries. Over 1 million organisations worldwide hold ISO certification, this demonstrates just how widely recognised and respected the standard actually is. For more details on our approach please click here.

What is ISO 9001?

ISO 9001 – The Foundation of Quality Excellence

ISO 9001 is the cornerstone of Quality Management Systems (QMS) worldwide. It sets the bar for quality assurance, emphasising continuous improvement, customer satisfaction, and efficient processes. Companies across the globe aspire to achieve ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate their commitment to delivering top-notch products and services.

In Quadra Consulting’s extensive experience, we have witnessed how ISO 9001 certification elevates businesses, fostering trust and credibility among customers, partners, and stakeholders. This brief YouTube video explains what ISO9001 is:

Certification to ISO 9001

Unlocking Your Business Potential

Obtaining ISO 9001 certification involves a structured process. It’s not merely about paperwork; it’s about embedding a culture of quality into your organisation’s DNA. Here’s a simplified overview:

Assessment: The journey begins with a thorough assessment of your existing processes, identifying areas that require improvement. This will include an analysis of how your current business processes meet the requirements of the ISO9001 and the effort required to obtain ISO9001 certification.

Documentation: This normally involves creating a Quality Manual and related business processes; such as order receipt, customer satisfaction monitoring, continual improvement, change management. Quadra Consulting assists in making this process efficient and effective.

Implementation: Putting the documented processes into practice is vital. This is where Quadra Consulting excels, providing guidance and support every step of the way.

Auditing: External auditors review your QMS to ensure it aligns with ISO 9001 standards. Quadra Consulting offers ISO auditor training to help you prepare for external audits and ISO certification.

Certification: Upon successful audit, you’ll receive your ISO 9001 certification, a testament to your commitment to quality.

ISO Auditor Training

Becoming a Quality Guardian

ISO auditors play a pivotal role in the certification process. They are responsible for evaluating and verifying the effectiveness of your QMS. Quadra Consulting offers specialised ISO auditor training to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge required for this vital role. This includes the provision of public and specialised in house courses throughout Ireland and also online courses where preferred.

Our training programs are designed to be interactive, practical, and tailored to your industry. We ensure that auditors are well-equipped to conduct thorough assessments, helping organizations achieve and maintain ISO 9001 certification seamlessly. For further details on our training please click here.


How long does it take to get ISO 9001 certified?

The timeline varies depending on your organization’s size, complexity, and existing processes. On average, it may take 4-6 months to a year to complete the certification process.

What is the cost of ISO 9001 certification?

The cost varies widely. It depends on factors such as the certification body, your organisation’s size, and the complexity of your processes. Quadra Consulting provides cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs. It is also important to note that there may be funding available to support you on this journey.

Is ISO 9001 certification recognised globally?

Yes, ISO 9001 is recognised and respected worldwide. It opens doors to international markets and enhances your organisation’s reputation.

Can ISO 9001 certification be revoked?

Yes, if an organisation fails to maintain the required standards, their ISO 9001 certification can be revoked. Regular audits help ensure ongoing compliance.

What are the benefits of ISO 9001 certification?

ISO 9001 certification enhances customer satisfaction, improves process efficiency, and increases your organisation’s competitiveness. It also reduces risks and boosts credibility.

How can Quadra Consulting help my organisation?

Quadra Consulting offers comprehensive solutions, including ISO 9001 certification, auditor training, and tailored compliance solutions. With our expertise, your organisation can thrive in the world of ISO standards. Click here for more details on who we are and what we do.


In this detailed guide, we’ve explored ISO 9001, its certification process, and the crucial role of ISO auditors. Quadra Consulting, with its three decades of experience, is your trusted partner on this journey to quality excellence. Achieve ISO 9001 certification, gain a competitive edge, and build trust in your industry.

Unlock the power of ISO 9001 with Quadra Consulting. Contact us today to embark on your journey toward quality excellence. Please check out our testimonials from our clients.

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