So just how essential is Cyber Essentials?

So just how essential is Cyber Essentials?

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So just how essential is Cyber Essentials? Here are 3 reasons why you need it

Cyber Essentials Certification was launched by the British Government in 2014 to protect organisations against cyberattacks. It didn’t hit the headlines in the same way that GDPR did, presumably because it’s not a legal requirement.

So if it’s not a legal requirement, then why? Is it worth the bother? Just how essential is Cyber Essentials?

We think it’s crucial

Here are our top three reasons to get certified:

  1. Customer confidence: Getting Cyber Essentials certification shows customers that you take cyber security seriously and are taking steps to keep the data you hold about them safe.
  2. Government contracts: Since October 2014, any organisation bidding for a contract with the British Government has needed Cyber Essentials certification.
  3. Peace of mind: If you fail to protect your systems, you’re at a higher risk of a cyber-attack. An attack could also damage your reputation, prevent you from trading and land you in problems legally. For example, loss of personal data could breach laws such as the GDPR, the Data Protection Act can lead to prosecution.


Our cyber attack vulnerability assessment will help you work towards Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus with our cyber  security consultants will provide a summary report which identifies key vulnerabilities and mitigation measures. We reckon that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.


Call us on +44 28 90 423222 or email us on [email protected] to talk about this further and see what Quadra can do for your business.


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