National Pen Business Improvement Training

National Pen Business Improvement Training

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Quadra has worked with National Pen to develop training programs to improve quality and customer experience which is named the National Pen Care Programme. They decided In June 2019 to train a group of 15 employees from various departments and with different levels of seniority, in Problem-solving and business process improvement.

The Training was delivered over the course of four 4 days and it was designed to cover in two sessions, the fundamentals, and advanced business process improvement techniques.

The feedback gathered from employees who were extremely positive and all of them agree that it was one of the most complete training ever attended over the years.

We believe the success of this initiative was due to various factors; possibly the most important was the relevance it, and adaptability in both service and manufacturing world.

Since August 2019, National Pen started a number of projects, ranging from improvement of customer interaction, improvement of logistics and continuous enhancement of manufacturing quality.

The training was indeed necessary to make sure the teams involved in those projects have the right tool and the knowledge to breakdown problems and create improvement.

It is still early to define a precise numeric improvement rate, but for the next 12 months, National Pen are aiming to reduce our cost of quality by 10% and we are confident that Quadra training and possible future training will lead us to success with their goal.

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